In January 2002, Stuart Feigin, Christopher Howard and Randolph Townsend started NorthStar Investors, Inc (NSI). The format for NSI grew from the knowledge Christopher, Stuart and Randolph had acquired over 99 years of combined business experience at the time. Their idea was to start a holding company, not specific to any industry, as a means for providing an exit strategy for the owners of the closely-held companies, which would be acquired, managed under contract, or sold to synergistic investors.

This entity has roots in the original Howard Consulting Group.  The services provided cover nearly all operating, financial and development aspects necessary to grow a business, whether small or large.  Its activities underline our vision of "We build businesses". 

NSI is a professional services entity that represents some of the most experience and qualified professionals providing business support services.  The demands in today's business environment require skills beyond traditional training.  The NSI experts all have the highest of credentials, experience, and references necessary to support dynamic strategy and assist in its development. 

NSI consists of a team of individuals with a vision of business success in today's challenging business environment. We help identify and create opportunities by applying solid industry experience, knowledge, proven processes, and perhaps most importantly, diagonal thinking and problem solving.

Once we understand your business goals, then we assess the needs of your customers and define your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, as well as your threats and opportunities.  We work with your internal departments to develop plans that create sustainable competitive advantages for your business.

NSI is based in Reno, Nevada.  NSI specializes in economic impact analysis, marketing and operational design, fiscal impact analysis, litigation support, and general business and financial consulting at a strategic level. In April of 2007 NSI acquired Glacier Outdoor, also known as Glacier Glove, which manufactures and distributes harsh weather gloves and protective clothing for people engaged in outdoor recreation and for the U.S. military. In 2012, NSI acquired Alaskan Hardgear and integrated it into Glacier Outdoor.

In 2010, Veterinary Ventures, Inc. was sold to Radio Systems/Pet Safe, a major player in the pet industry.  Even before the sale was finalized, Northstar launched another pet product company called ModaPet.  ModaPet products are "designer" influenced to be visually appealing, yet durable and functional for the day to day demands of pet owners and their pets. In 2011, NSI invested in The Impetus Agency, a marketing, social media, PR firm. The agency is now located in the NSI headquarters building.

NorthStar and its individual professionals are bound by Codes of Ethics and Professional Standards including those of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants and Institute of Certified Management Consultants.

Our history validates and reinforces our vision. NorthStar's structure is like that of a three-legged stool, each leg representing a key element in supporting the operations of the company: Capital, Business Acumen, and Community. NorthStar's guiding principles are Integrity, Focus, and Commitment.

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